Brian and Samantha

Brian Phillips and his wife Sammie are the co-owners of Willow Station

Brian Phillips has been perfecting his art for 35 years, building and creating furniture that is durable and safe for those who seek its beauty. Along the way, he has endeavored to pass his skills to others. Building this furniture is a time honored tradition in some cultures and its techniques are being lost in our fast paced manufacturing society. It is important to an artists like Brian to keep the craft alive. You might be interested to know how we go about building our furniture. To start our process, we harvest the twigs for our furniture using the greatest care possible in protecting our environment. Brian uses hand tools such as a hand saw; and loppers to cut the twigs. He never uses chainsaws. Brian chooses carefully the selected twigs and is careful not uproot the plants. The goal when harvesting material is to prune an area up and leave the area healthy, so that it can thrive and continue grows. As a rule we harvest small shoots from an areas deciduous trees such as: alder, vine and broad leaf maple, hazel nut and of course one or more of the 360 varieties of willow. We harvest in areas where the vegetation needs to be thinned out making the area more beautiful and healthy after we are done. Our main renewable harvesting area is located the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area. We have obtained the proper permits with the US Forestry Services which gives us access to hundreds of miles of roads in search for our of material.

Turn of the century rocker
The small green saplings are easiest to work with

Harvesting and working with the twigs while they are green gives the twig the ability to bend and move. Each piece of furniture we make is strong and durable. The longevity and success to Brian’s twig furniture is not only in its artistic beauty, but in the quality of each framed structure. This technique has become Brian’s trademark. “The first piece of furniture I made took me a week to build and it fell over backwards, I was hooked from that point on. In fact, I’ve tossed a lot of mistakes on the burn pile while figuring out how to make the furniture look symmetrically balanced. Now I have perfected the frame and can confidently say the frames of my furniture will be one of the sturdiest pieces of twig furniture you will ever sit in.”

Bedroom dresser all “twigged out”

He is especially excited to be able to work on custom projects and turn of the century replicas. He has made some unique pieces ranging from gun racks, constructed out of contorted willow, to computer desks and grocery store shelving units. In addition, he has made canopy beds, an entire set of bedroom furniture including the lamps, and beautiful garden arbors, baby cradles, among a variety of unique and traditional chairs and tables.

Brian works with one of his many students.

Our furniture looks great either in an outdoor garden or indoors around a cozy fireplace. We sell our pieces individually, but they are all designed to work well in group settings. The small end table compliments the intimate setting created with the bench and chair. The love seat and willow rocker look great with the coffee table and large end table adding to the functionality of this setting.