How to care for your Willow and Twig Furniture

Willow Station recommends applying an annual coating of a protective sealant, either by brush or spray. Doing this will help protect and prolong the beauty and life of your furniture.

Additional steps we have found beneficial to protect you investment would be to make sure that the furniture is placed on a covered patio or porch to protect it from ageing prematurely. It is important to keep the legs of your piece dry. Do not sit it directly onto the bare ground as it will begin to decay. We recommend that if you choose to place your furniture outside in an unprotected area that you place the feet on some kind of paver stones

If you follow these recommendations your willow and twig furniture will last for many years. If you choose to let the piece go naturally, the average length of time the furniture will last is anywhere from one to five years.

Willow Station recommends the use of the following sealant: AFM Safecoat Polyureaseal BP choose either gloss or satin finishes. We carry this brand at our store and recommend it for its great protection coverage plus it is environmentally safe and non-toxic. If you are not able to find this product a Marine Spar Urethane Varnish; Watco Danish Oil; linseed oil (boiled not raw) or Thompsonís Water Seal. Can also bee used.

Follow the directions on the product you use for safety.

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